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Our Services

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Cleaning Services

  • Residential Cleaning
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning

Estate Clean Out

We understand life’s most difficult moments can be overwhelming. Whether it is a matter of downsizing, family member moving out, loss of a loved one, the clean out after an estate sale can be daunting.  The Estate Clean Out typically happens after an Estate Sale and there are still a number of items left to sell, donate, clean up and prep the home to sell or get ready for their new owners.

  • Evaluate remaining items left to sell.
  • Arrange to provide buyers for any remaining items leftover from the Estate Sale.
  • Provide a full inventory of items sold and the prices they sold for.
  • Pack up and donate useful items for charity in your name.
  • Provided a detailed list of items donated, fair market value and receipt for tax deduction.
  • Gather anything personal such as photos, papers, jewelry, money, etc.  We will ship items to family members.
  • Remove all remaining debris from home, most of the time a dumpster is required.  Owner pays the cost for the dumpster.  We will not remove toxic items.  For example, left over paint.  We will call around to find out when the next available drop off is for specific items.
  • Schedule professional cleaning upon owner’s request.
  • Will provide a detailed list of projects completed.

Get Well Packages

This is the perfect solution for those who have caught a horrible bug or the flu and the last thing you feel like doing is going out to pick up your necessary supplies.  Or maybe you want to send a Get-Well Package to one of your loved ones.

  • Prescription Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Shopping For Essentials – Tissues, Cough Syrup, Band Aids, etc.
  • Deliver A Hot Meal
  • Deliver Get Well Balloons, Card, Arrangement
  • Deliver a Care Package

Home Management

  • Wait For Vendors (Cable, Phone, Internet, Deliveries)
  • Allow Access To Site For Home Repairs
  • House Sitting
  • Pet Care
  • Project Organization and Management
  • Work As A Liaison With Contractors
  • Overseeing Service Visits With Vendors
  • Organize Vendor Estimates

Home Watch

Our Home Watch Service is for absentee homeowners that are away for an extended absence.  We provide an affordable and dependable service that provides home owners the security and peace of mind in knowing that your property is being cared for!  We stop in to thoroughly inspect your property inside and outside and provide our clients with monthly checklist reports and updates on your home.

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly home visits
  • Inspect all doors and windows to make sure they are all locked
  • Monitor windows for broken seals and/or leaks
  • Check thermostat readings
  • If water is turned on, run water in sinks, toilets, washer and dishwasher
  • Clean toilets bi-weekly to prevent water ring
  • Inspect for roof leaks
  • Monitor HVAC system
  • Monitor Pool and Spas
  • Monitor Ice Build Up
  • Bring In Mail and Newspaper
  • Water Indoor/Outdoor Plants
  • Turn On and Off Random Lights Up On Request
  • Restock Refrigerator Prior To Arrival
  • Adjust Heat/AC Prior To Arrival

Marina Delivery

We will shop for essentials, food, beverages or pick up your food order and delivery it.

  • Food Delivery
  • Beverages
  • Essential Supplies
  • We will also check in your boat/yacht for those who are absent for an extended period of time.

Personal Assistance / Errands

  • Dry Cleaning & Laundry Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Post Office & Mailing Drop Off/Pick Up
  • Flower Purchase Pick Up & Delivery
  • Car Detail & Service Pick Up/Drop Off
  • Veterinary & Grooming Appointments (Scheduling & Transportation)
  • Gift Shopping (In Store or Online)
  • Prescription Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Airport Pick Up & Drop Off
  • Order Online – We Will Pick Up & Deliver
  • Assist with Organizing Special Occasions or Events
  • Grocery Shopping

Pet Care

Luxus Concierge offers pet care too.  The best therapist has fur and four legs. Being a dog owner ourselves, we understand how hard it is to leave your precious ones behind.  We promise to not disappoint you or your pets.

  • Pet Sitting
  • Dog Walking
  • Check In On Pets
  • Pet Drop Off & Pick Up


  • Special Event Ticket reservations (Old Town Playhouse, Interlochen/TC show ticket reservations)
  • Tapas/Wine pairing in house
  • Watercraft rental and delivery (include kayaks, canoe, SUP, water trampoline)
  • Hot Air Balloon reservations
  • Charter Fishing reservations
  • Bike Rental reservation/delivery
  • Vacation Rental assistance (include grocery/personal delivery)

Senior Care

Do you have a loved one that could use a little help or a companion?  You can feel at peace knowing that your precious loved one has someone checking up on them as often as they need.

  • Daily/Weekly/Bi-Weekly Check Ins
  • Food & Personal Shopping
  • Companionship / Friendship
  • House Management – Set up appointments for repairs and supervise.
  • Bill Pay
  • Assistance with email set up, internet, cable
  • Holiday or Gift Shopping
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Transportation for Pet Grooming
  • Day excursions (Picnics, walks, shopping, lunch, tea)